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Filter is used to intercept filtering medium including solid particle and other substances after liquid and gas in the suspension liquid penetrates the filter elements under the effect of pressures and other exogenous actions so that solids and other substances are separated from liquid (or gas).Cleaning device is used to remove dirt on the equipment surface through circulation, soaking and cleaning by use of various chemical agents in a bid to realize the purpose of cleaning. It is used in cleaning of pipeline, air-conditioner and boiler.


1. Metering pump: Milton Roy, Ligao Pump, Southern Pump

2. Control system: full-automatic operation

3. Pipeline: Taiwan Huanqi, Shanghai UPVC

4. Foundation: carbon steel spray lacquer epoxy zinc-rich bottom, intermediate coat, polyurethane finishing coat 150μm


Filter device:

1. It can effectively remove suspended solids, organic matters, colloid, microorganisms, metal ions and other sundries following users’ requirements.

2. Filter elements that can cleaned or backwashed can be repetitively used that save costs;

3. It is compact in structure and reasonable in size. It is simple and convenient in installation and operation and covers a small area.

Cleaning device:

1. It is quick in cleaning speed. Use of compound decomposition methods helps resolve various dirts, quicken cleaning speed and improve cleaning quality;

2. It has good passivation pre-film effects and sound passivation and film-forming property. The membrane it forms has strong chemical stability and physical properties that can well prevent oxide etch.

3. It has sound cleaning effects. Use of compound cleaning device reaches over 99% in cleaning rate that can entirely clean various dirts.


1. Filter equipment: agricultural irrigation, chemical engineering, petroleum, metallurgy, industry and mining and other fields.

2. Cleaning equipment: boiler, central air-conditioning, heat exchanger, condenser, absorber, reaction tower, storage tank and various pipelines, etc.


Filter and cleaning devices can be tailored according to customers’ requirements.

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