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  • Name: Constant Pressure Water Supply Device

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Variable-frequency regulating speed technology is a new and mature alternating current dynamo and electrodeless speed adjustment technology. It is widely applied to speed control field with its unique control performance, in particular water supply industry. Due to special demands of safety production and water supply quality, it has strict requirements on constant pressure water supply pressures, so variable-frequency technology is applied for profoundly. Constant pressure water supply is advanced in technology with constant water pressure, convenient operation, reliable operation, energy conservation and power reduction and high automation degree.


1. Water supply pump: Southern Pump Industry

2. Expansion tank: Shanghai Youwen;

3. Pipeline: stainless steel, carbon steel.

4. Foundation: carbon steel spray lacquer epoxy zinc-rich bottom, intermediate coat, polyurethane finishing coat 150μm


1. Energy conservation: optimized energy conservation control software realizes maximum energy-conservative operation of water pump;

2. Reliable operation: soft start of pump realized by frequency converter realizes switch without impact from power frequency to frequency conversion, which prevents pipe network impacts and averts ultralimit pipe network pressure and pipeline fracture.

3. Energy saving: it sets up pipe network pressure following actual water use conditions, automatically controls water yield of water pump and reduces leakage of water.


  Tap water, booster pump room, residential living quarter, hotels and other buildings, production water used in companies, circulating water system in boiler, farm irrigation system and so on.


Type of constant pressure water supply device and control requirements can be tailored according to customers’ requirements.

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