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Sewage treatment equipment helps effectively tackle with life sewage, industrial wastewater and so on in urban areas, avert direct flowing of wastewater and pollutants to water areas and displays a major significance to improve ecological environment, boost city taste and propel economic advancement. Following different types of pollutants, three disposal methods exists namely physical method, biological method and chemical method.


Oilfield oily sewage zero emission:

As sewage in oilfield in China has severe problems on unbalanced injection and extraction, surplus wastewater treatment is difficult to be handled with that features characteristics of high degree of mineralization, high hardness and high temperature. Our company adopts flocculent precipitate, mechanical filter, ultrafiltration filtration, desalting disposal, precise desalting and hard disposal and deoxidizing disposal and product water can be directly injected to steam-injection boiler.

Recovery of municipal wastewater

Pertinent to municipal and urban sewage, it adopts advanced MBR technologies for sewage disposal and reuse. Municipal sewage is going through in-depth disposal via membrane bioreactor before reaching reuse of reclaimed water and its water quality reaches Water Quality for Landscape for Reused City Sewage.

Reuse of city life sewage:

City life sewage and wastewater adopts leading life sewage reuse device in the field that converts organic substances and toxic pollutants in sewage to air-oxynitride, heat and water via microorganism through biological non-surplus sludge technologies. Water quality after disposal reaches Standards for Urban Miscellaneous Water Quality that can be used to irrigate flowers, plants and forests, wash toilets, wash cars, use as fire protection demand and so on.

Rural life sewage disposal:

Disposal of urban sewage features extensive coverage, big discrepancy between areas, big fluctuation of sewage quality and water amount, unsound water drainage network, low capital input, shortage of professional staffs for sewage disposal, low resource utilization of storm sewage and so on. In terms of rural life sewage disposal, it needs to adopt diversified disposal methods to address these issues by adjusting measures to local conditions. Normally advanced MBR membrane biological disposal technique is adopted. It has carried out several projects for rural sewage disposal. After disposed life sewage reaches the standard, a part is reused and the rest enters artificial wetland, oxidation pond, ecological watercourses and so on for nitrogen and phosphorous removal. It not only protects water resources, beautifies the environment and boosts rural new image.

Reuse of spinning printing and dyeing wastewater:

It adopts catalyst electrolysis, electrolysis acidification/SBR and MBR biological membrane reactor to handle with printing and dyeing wastewater. Reused water obtained by use of this technique can be reused to such front end procedures as desizing, scouring, rinsing, mercerizing and so on that is mixed with fresh water to be used for rear procedures. The operation procedure is simple and automatic, which provides forceful technological backup to energy conservation and emission reduction of printing and dyeing industry.

Reuse of electroplating wastewater:

Pertinent to electroplating wastewater, our company offers electroplating wastewater disposal plan and electroplating wastewater reuse plan. By centering upon wastewater reuse, resourced reuse and standard emission, it adopts membrane biological reactor to dispose with electroplating wastewater and thus features characteristics of low energy consumption, no pollution and high concentration folds. The membrane integration technology cannot cause secondary pollution and reuse toxic heavy metals in the wastewater so that resources are reused.

Reuse of paper-making wastewater:

The system mainly realizes waster reuse through four major rounds namely wastewater disposal station, modulation pools, microfiltration or ultrafiltration device disposal and modified RO membrane filtration disposal to realize wastewater reuse. Recycled water with different water quality standards can be provided following different requirements on water use by customers.

Reuse of steel wastewater:

The system adopts membrane disposal technique for steel wastewater disposal and recycling. Such pollutants as bacteria, suspended solids, pigment, glues and salt can be removed through ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and other technologies. Removal rate of impurities is high and water quality after disposal can reach the purpose of standard emission and realize reuse as well.

Disposal of foodstuff industrial wastewater:

The system adopts the combo technology of anaerobic hydrolytic acidification + biological filtration and removes colloid protein polysaccharide and other impurities in the soaking liquid. It removes over 95% of salt by use of electroosmosis and desalted feed liquid after electroosmosis enters reverse osmosis system for concentration. Product density in the concentrated solution can be increased by three folds. As quality technique water, osmosis water is used in production line for high-value recovery and reuse.

Recycle of pharmaceutical wastewater:

The system adopts MBR biological reactor for disposing with pharmaceutical wastewater that is crystal in effluent, and low in SS content with organic pollutants, phosphate, bacteria, virus, parasite and so on being blocked in MBR biological reactors. It features such characteristics as stable operation, compact structure, simple maintenance and so on.

Slaughter wastewater disposal:

The system adopts biological disposal technologies. The first step is to intercept solid substance in the slaughter wastewater which can, on the one hand, guard off blogged follow-up pipes and on the other hand, avert decaying of solid organic substances that get mixed with wastewater and become soluble organic substance. The second step is acidification hydrolysis + anaerobic round.

Mine wastewater disposal:

Mine wastewater is large in discharge and strong in continuity that is rich in numerous heavy metal ion, acid, alkali, solid substance and beneficiation reagent. So disposal proves difficult. By introducing world’s leading mine wastewater disposal technologies from Russia and by combing with actual situation of Chinese mines, it provides professional individualized project schemes to validly realize standard emission of wastewater.


Following different wastewater types, different disposal techniques and devices are adopted.


1. Wastewater disposal projects help resolve waste of water resources and improve water environment and livelihood.

2. Reuse and recycle of wastewater in special industries helps recycle water resources, precious heavy metals and so on that can be reused.


Oily sewage zero emission, municipal sewage disposal, rural life sewage disposal, foodstuff industrial wastewater disposal, steel wastewater reuse, pharmaceutical wastewater reuse, spinning, printing and dyeing water reuse, slaughter wastewater reuse, solar energy wastewater reuse, semiconductor production wastewater reuse and so on.

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