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  • Name: Automatic Chemical Dosing Device

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Automatic reagent feeding device is mainly used in boiler feed water in power plant, recirculating water, hydrazine and phosphate disposal that can also be used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental conservation, water supply system and so on. Unit combined type medication device mainly consists of solution tank, metering pump, filter, check valve, pressure gage, content gauge, control cabinet and so on that forms a whole to be installed in a pedestal. Users can only need to position combined type dosing device in the dosing room before connecting water inlet and medication outlet and switching on power to switch on the operation. The factory-like complete equipment can drastically reduce workload of designing and on-spot construction and provides reliable guarantee to quality, safety and on-spot operation of complete machine system.


1. Metering pump: Milton Roy, Ligao Pump, Southern Pump

2. Control system: full-automatic operation

3. Pipeline: Taiwan Huanqi, Shanghai UPVC

4. Foundation: carbon steel spray lacquer epoxy zinc-rich bottom, intermediate coat, polyurethane finishing coat 150μm



1. Energy conservation: optimized energy conservation control software helps water pump maximally run with energy conservation;

2. Reliable operation: it realizes soft activation of pump from frequency changer so that water pump realizes shock-free switch from power frequency to frequency conversion, impact of pipe network can be prevented and ultralimit pressure of pipe net or pipeline fracture can be avoided.

3. Water saving: set up pressure of pipe network following actual water usage conditions and automatically control water yield of water pump following so that leakage of water can be reduced.


  Thermal power generation industry boiler water treatment system, circulation and cooling system, central air-conditioning circulating water system, raw water pre-treatment and wastewater disposal system; petroleum and chemical industry boiler water treatment system, circulating cooling system, chemical additive dosing system, and wastewater disposal and disinfection system of medical and electronic industry; disinfection of municipal-works water supply, swimming pool, water works, sewage treatment and life water in buildings; disinfection of industrial circulating water and industrial wastewater treatment, etc;


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