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  • Name: Water Softener

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Fully automatic softener can be categorized into time control type and flow control type that can continuously provide multiple series of soft water system. Softeners utilize sodium cation exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium in water, educe raw water hardness and realize the purpose of softening hard water in order to avert scale formation of carbonate on pipeline, containers and furnace. It largely saves investment costs and guarantees smooth production.


1. Full automatic multiway valve: FLECK, full automatic operation;

2. Tank: the tank adopts glass steel, stainless steel and carbon steel gum;

3. Pipeline: UPVC, stainless steel, carbon steel line with rubber


1. It has high automation degree, stable water supply work condition and long use duration. The whole process is automatic. Regular salting is needed without the need of artificial intervention.

2. It is high in efficiency, low in energy consumption and economic in operation fees.

3. With compact and reasonable equipment structure, convenient operation and maintenance and small coverage, it saves investment.

4. It is convenient in use, viable in installation, debugging and operation and stable in performance of control components. It can dispel worries of users.


Laundry, shower, food, pharmacy, boiler, power plant, air-conditioner, hotel living quarter and well water in mines.

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