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  • Name: Sea Creature Preventing System

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Since mankind began to exploit and develop seawater resources, people are hassled by the pollution question caused by marine organisms. That marine organisms are adhered to and grow in seawater pipelines and cooling system shortens valid radius of pipelines and bring down seawater flow. When marine organisms in the pipeline fall off, they would blog valves and pipe orifice of coolers and would totally block the pipeline in severe cases, which leads to coerced machine halt and suspension and causes whopping economic loss. Electrolysis seawater soil release devices utilizes chlorine and hypochlorite generated from the anode of electrolysis seawater to guard against biological adherence in ocean in a bid to protect sinking pump, platform and so on in the ocean.


1. Cathode copper-aluminum soil release: copper and aluminum alloy are taken as anode and the protected equipment system is taken as the cathode. Cupric ion generated from cathode copper anode is toxic and when mixing with seawater, it will form a toxic environment. AL3+ generated from anode of electrolytic aluminum and OH generated from cathode form Al(OH)3 that encapsulates released cupric ion and passes through preservation system along with flow of sea water. It has high adherence and would get dispersed that enter regions with slow flowing sea water where marine organisms might dwell to check growth of marine organisms. When aluminum anode of copper and aluminum, compact calcium and magnesium coverage layer would take form on the surface of steel tube as the cathode. Aluminum hydroxide generated out of electrolysis would flow along with seawater before forming a protective membrane on the inner wall of the pipeline. Calcium and magnesium coverage layer and aluminum hydroxide membrane would retard dispersion of oxygen, enhance concentration polarization, slow corrosion rate and attain the purpose of soil release and corrosion resistance.

2. Marine electrolyzer electrolysis seawater antifouling device: it mainly consists of rectifier, electrolyzer, filter, flowmeter, shower header, pipeline and valve seawater is taken out from the cathode seawater pump of the ship that enters the electrolyzer via flowmeter after filtration of filter. Seawater electrolyte after electrolysis is delivered to the shower nozzle in the sea valve box before being sprayed. The sprayed seawater rich in active chlorine is absorbed by main and auxiliary engine water pump and fire control and air-conditioner pump from under the seabed before being delivered to the seawater cooling system via pipeline in a bid to reach the purpose of guarding off biological pollution.


1. It is high in economical property and can fully protect use duration of equipment and system to be protected.

2. It has wide usage scope, is simple in structure and has significant soil release effects.


Seawater cooling system of ships, platforms, fire control system, coastal power plant and chemical plants

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